Jen Mills


Meet Jen

Jen has been in the healthcare field for over 20 years, receiving her Bachelor of Nutritional Science from Colorado State University and then going on to receive her nursing degree.

As an RN, Jen focused primarily on orthopedic nursing, seeing first hand how poor lifestyle and diet choices impacted aging and mobility.

Jen has always valued a healthy lifestyle.  As a division 1 swimmer she learned how proper nutrition affected her performance both as an athlete and in her personal life.  Jen understands the connection between what we eat, how we care for our bodies and our overall health, happiness and fulfillment.

Jen’s experience and deep nutritional knowledge allow her to bring a holistic approach when working with her clients to make dietary and lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.  Building on each of her clients unique life experiences, dietary habits and health goals Jen customizes a nutritional plan that is data driven to bring clarity and direction.  With positive support, Jen helps her clients achieve their health goals and live their best life.

By developing a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you, Jen’s clients see improved energy, vitality and healthy body weight.

As Manager of Glow Wellness, Jen ensures a personalized wellness experience at every visit. Jen’s knowledge and friendly demeanor add to the special environment at Glow.  We could not be more grateful to have Jen on our team.

Jen lives in Chagrin Falls with her husband Dr. Mark Mills and their three adorable dogs.  Jen pursues an active lifestyle and enjoys working out, swimming, hiking and being outdoors.