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Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone?


“If nature designed a single antidote to illness, it is probably ozone. If there is a natural performance enhancer and tonic to support healthy cell function, then that is also ozone.”  Dr.David I Minkoff, MD



Ozone referred to as O3, is a gas that consists of 3 oxygen atoms. It is a relatively unstable molecule…and it is this instability that makes ozone so powerful

Ozone is a non-pharmaceutical option used medically for its therapeutic properties to treat infections, wounds, inflammatory conditions and some forms of cancers.

It’s a popular European method of treatment that’s been in use for more than a century.

Ozone is a gas generated from oxygen. When administered to your body…

  • it saturates tissues with oxygen
  • regulates the immune system
  • decreases inflammation
  • promotes healing.
  • It is also toxic to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cancer cells but harmless to normal cells

Physicians used it to treat infections before the discovery of antibiotics. Now with the emergence of “superbugs” resistant to all antibiotics, interest in ozone therapy is growing again.

GLOW IV is proud to offer the highly advanced HOCATT™ Plus Ozone Spa Capsule, the most advanced & effective device for detox, anti-aging, immune support, and wellbeing on the market.


The most powerful way to simultaneously oxygenate and detox the body.


  • Detoxificationimproves immune function and promotes longevity
  • Oxygenation of the body improves energy levels quickly
  • Promotes healingfaster recovery form sports injuries and exercise
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis  –  rejuvenates your skin by tightening and firming while leaving your skin soft and supple
  • Improves complexion blood flow is improved to your skin, creating a healthy glow
  • Anti-agingincreases oxygen delivery to your cells allowing your body to function beyond the limitations of today’s world – giving you an edge both mentally and physically
  • Weight lossreduces cellulite and enhances weight loss, burning up to 600 calories per session

HOCATT™ stands for “Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology”

It is a multi-modality wellness sauna that combines up to ten effective therapies into one ergonomically designed system.  Each 30 minute treatment can assist the body’s ability to respond to health challenges, injury, and chronic conditions; improve athletic performance; enhance skincare and beauty, and facilitate overall health rejuvenation.

The HOCATT™ uses a combination of powerful modalities that include;

  • Ozone
  • Oxygen
  • CO2/Carbonic Acid
  • Steam
  • Far Infrared
  • Aromatherapy
  • Full Spectrum Light
  • Electrotherapy (Frequency Specific Micro-currents)

The HOCATT™ takes a holistic approach using a combination of natural, but powerful modalities that simultaneously works on all the major systems in the body, including immune, circulatory, nervous, lymph, digestion, muscular, skeletal, endocrine, and more… all designed to help with the following;

  • detox the body
  • improve circulation
  • support the immune system
  • boost energy down to the cellular level
  • facilitate optimal well being and vitality

Whether you’re battling a serious disease, an athlete looking to boost performance, or just a healthy person concerned with prevention and looking to get healthier and detox your system, the HOCATT™ will benefit you.


  • Inactivate and kill Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast Fungi, Parasites and Protozoa
  • Stimulate the immune system and speed healing (stimulates the production of interferon 4-9 times the normal level. Ozone also stimulates the production of interleukins mainly Interleukin-2. In addition ozone stimulates the production of Tumor necrosis factor (TNF).
  • Improve cardiovascular function by cleaning arteries and veins, improving circulation and maintaining healthy blood pressure
  • Oxidize toxins and facilitate their excretion
  • Increases blood oxygen level and metabolism (anti-aging)
  • Normalize hormone and enzyme production
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce pain, calm nerves
  • Improve brain function and memory
  • Scavenge free radicals
  • Destroy cancer cells (Ozone inhibits tumor metabolism, oxidizes the outer lipid layer of malignant cells and destroys them through cell lysis. Also ozone increases the ability of phagocytes to kill tumor cells (by stimulation of conversion of arginine to citrulline, nitrite and nitrate by phagocytes)
  • Smooth youthful skin (increased oxygen and nutrients delivery to your cells.  Increased tissue oxygenation and nutrient delivery improves the function of every cell and every organ in the body.
  • Eliminate cellulite in the legs
  • Weight loss/burn up to 600 calories in 30 min
  • Increase metabolism to maintain healthy weight
  • Speed lactic acid removal for faster muscle recovery
  • Detoxify and regenerate the entire body
  • Increase energy levels (ozone activates Krebs cycle by enhancing oxidative carboxylation of pyruvate leading to stimulation of production of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) and accordingly more energy on the cellular level).


During the 30 minute therapy, you will be sitting comfortably in the HOCATT™ ozone sauna capsule with your head exposed to the air preventing inhalation of ozone. A nasal cannula (or a special oxygen jet is placed around the neck) providing pure humidified oxygen to the nose to ensure enhanced oxygen saturation in the blood. Breathing pure oxygen boosts energy and endurance, burns more calories, increases blood oxygen levels, and makes you feel good!

At the beginning of the session the steam and far infrared rays heat up the body with the intention to raise the core body temperature, helping to boost the immune system. All bodily processes are enhanced at higher temperatures, including the activity of hormones, enzymes, protein signalers, and neurotransmitters. This also puts the body in an optimal state of healing in which to receive the rest of the HOCATT™ modalities.

Far infrared rays penetrate deeply into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, relieving joint and muscle aches and pain while promoting the chelation of heavy metals from the body

In the first 3-8 mins, CO2 is infused at a very specific flow rate and converts into carbonic acid as it reacts with the steam. The carbonic acid sedates the central nervous system to relieve tension and stress as well as dilate the blood vessels to increase blood circulation through the entire body by up to 25%. Carbonic acid is one of the very few compounds that naturally and without any side effects increases the uptake and delivery of oxygen at a cellular level (Bohr Effect).

As steam and CO2 gently fill the sauna, full spectrum light rays also fill the chamber and are absorbed by the skin as they reflect from the steam and the ultra-reflective chamber walls. Photo Light with Color Spectrum provides the body with soothing, relaxing, balancing and energizing rays.

We also add essential oils that are infused during the session through the specialized steam jet.

After this, the carbon dioxide is removed and the sauna is infused with ozone gas. The heat and the carbon dioxide serve to open up the circulation to the skin so that when the ozone gas is infused it is absorbed by the skin into the general circulation. During the ozone stage you may elect to use a catheter for vaginal ozone insufflation, or cups(breast cupping) for more targeted ozone delivery.  One of the main advantages of Ozone is that it stimulates the body’s natural antioxidant system, and boosts energy down to a cellular level. It also inactivates viruses and eliminates parasitic, bacterial and yeast/fungal infections. Ozone stimulates the immune system and promotes healing.  In addition, ozone oxidizes toxins so the body can excrete them.  It reduces pain and inflammation and purifies the blood and lymph systems.

When the ozone is broken down in the chamber, ultraviolet rays are liberated. Ultraviolet rays play an important role in destroying pathogens on the skin – if there are any skin infections, they can be dealt with and controlled by ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet rays also promote the production of certain Vitamins, such as Vitamin D.

In addition, Electrotherapy (Frequency Specific Micro-currents) focus on a specific health issue within a selected program to fit your needs. Our Hocatt Plus gives you a choice of more than 120 different programs that contain over 1100 frequencies.  Each frequency having its own special and unique benefit to a certain part of the body. This means we can concentrate on any area of focus that you require from Parkinson’s to targeting specific, parasites and viruses. The possibilities and benefits are endless and the results are immediate.  Specific frequencies may be selected to stimulate the muscles, nervous system and cells through foot electrode pads and/or hand held electrodes while undergoing all of the above therapies simultaneously or in sequence.  This therapy promotes the healing and regeneration of damaged tissues, relieves pain, destroys pathogens, and energizes the body.

At the end of the session the entire volume of ozone and oxygen steam mixture are extracted into the activated carbon charcoal destructor in order to prevent release into the room when the doors open.  You can expect to emerge from the treatment feeling extremely relaxed, refreshed and energized.


We will provide your towels.  We do suggest you bring a terry wrap if you have one and those with long hair, please bring a hair band to tie your hair back


  • Drink 1 glass of filtered water immediately before therapy
  • No heavy meals 1.5 hours before scheduled therapy
  • No medication to be taken 4 hours before scheduled therapy
  • You may start to detox after your first HOCATT session, or it could take a few sessions for your body to start detoxing. You should drink 8 oz of water every 2 hours throughout the day to support your system during the detox period.
  • It is recommended that you do NOT shower for about 2-7 hours after the session, as there are still ozone messengers present on the skin for some time after the session
  • Vitamin C is a great way to support your immune system, and it enhances the effects of the HOCATT sessions.  We highly suggest a Vitamin C infusion post your HOCATT session.


•Fever •Pregnancy  •Transplanted organ (ozone is known to stimulate the immune system which could lead to a rejection of the foreign organ)•Active Bleeding •Recent Heart Attack •Thrombosis •Elevated Drug/Alcohol Level •Epilepsy

Not recommended for children under 12


Oxygen starvation on a cellular level will result in under-performing bodily function and is scientifically established by Doctors and Professors to be the major course of illness and life threatening diseases including cancer!

Unlike normal tissue, tumors have poor blood flow relative to their metabolic needs and cannot dissipate the heat, so they tend to get hotter than the surrounding area. Rapidly dividing cells are more vulnerable to the effect of heat. Taken together, these facts tend to make tumors more vulnerable to heat treatment than normal cells. Hyperthermia also increases Tumor Necrosis Factor (a substance produced by the immune systems to eliminate tumor) by 500 times.

Good health is dependent on the oxygen level in your body. Oxygen is vital to metabolism, circulation, respiration, digestion, purification and elimination processes. Oxygen purifies the blood, keeping it free of cellular waste build up and sufficient oxygen allows your body to rebuild itself and maintain the immune system.  The HOCATT therapy floods your body with an activated form of oxygen, namely ozone while simultaneously helping the body to detox.

Oxygen is the life-giving, life-sustaining element. All body activities require oxygen. The best way to optimize your health is to detoxify your entire body and oxygenate every cell in your body. The more oxygen you have in our system, the more energy you produce, and the more efficiently your body operates.

We utilize the HOCATT alongside High dose Vitamin C, Salicinium protocols and nutrition.  Please call (216) 450 1016 for further information on our immune building strategies for cancer care.

Other health conditions that may benefit from ozone therapy include:

  • Allergies and sinusitis
  • Autoimmune (e.g. fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Cancer
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Cystitis
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Digestive (e.g. Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis),
  • Ear infections
  • Heart disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Lyme disease
  • Respiratory (e.g. bronchitis)
  • Shingles, herpes
  • Wound healing

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Immune system regulation
Improves Circulation
Stimulates oxygen uptake
Mitochondrial stimulant
Increases antioxidant protection


Ozone Therapy is an integrative treatment used to increase the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone into the body.  This is achieved through a process known as autohemotherapy, in which blood is drawn from a patient, exposed to ozone and returned intravenously.  The effects are both healing and detoxifying – suppressing infection and boosting the immune system.

“Ozone induces the body’s innate healing mechanisms to create the healing effect.  Thus unlike medication and herbs, it can be successfully used in essentially every medical condition”. Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

In addition to ozonating the blood, we pass the patients blood through UV light (ultraviolet blood irradiation or UBI) to enhance the body’s immune and circulatory system.  With 80 years of history, over 200 medical studies and virtually no side effects, UBI has an efficacy rate of 60-80% with a positive effect on over 60 diseases including MS, viral and bacterial infections(mono, E-coli, staph, strep, pneumococcus) Rheumatiod Arthritis, Psoriasis, Lupus, and more .





The health benefits of having a session in the HOCATT zone steam sauna are extensive.

For general detoxification, immune boosting and wellbeing a schedule of 10 treatments is advised, however please inquire about other protocols when dealing with chronic illnesses and other health concern 

Call us today (216) 450-1016


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