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Testimonials by Satisfied Glow IV Customers

When I visit Glow IV, I always feel so welcomed. I am served with curtesy and professionalism. The atmosphere is always relaxing and inviting. I highly recommend Glow IV!!!
Richard C
Worth the hour drive! Glow IV therapy is a God send for our 7 year old son with ulcerative colitis. Glow IV therapy helps him avoid the usage and detrimental affects of antibiotics. Glow IV's staff goes above and beyond to make you comfortable and at the same time helping you be healthy – naturally! As a family we all enjoy the benefits Glow IV offers! Distance doesn’t keep us from going – well worth the drive!!
Lori M
The staff at Glow IV are caring, considerate and compassionate. Everyone has gone out of their way to see that we are comfortable and treated with care.
Mark and Jen
I heard the word cancer and the world came crashing down but then I met the warm and caring owner and staff of Glow IV. Upon your arrival, you are treated like the most important person they are helping. Your needs and comfort are addressed from the moment you enter the room. LeeJoy, the owner, greets you with her warm smile and genuine concern when she asks how you are doing. I have been a patient there for three months and feel like I have become their friend. I highly recommend their services! Thank you LeeJoy and all the wonderful staff”
Susan J
My experience this morning was pleasant all the way around. You have a great team of people at GLOW IV. I will certainly be back for more.
I felt amazing after taking all the supplements(Glow Factors). Came home and cleaned and cooked like a mad woman. Loved it!
Great start to 2017: Crawled into Glow IV after a blast on New Year's eve and danced out like Fred Astaire, thanks to Glow's hangover helper IV. Felt the benefit during the infusions and an hour later was on to achieving New Year's resolutions. Wish I'd known many years ago!
Since taking the B-Vitamin Complete my energy level and mood are notably different. I love the ingredients and the fact that even the kids are willing to take it.
Your GlowFactors children's multiple is a huge hit at my house. I have not been able to get a good multi vitamin for my daughter. She does not like chewable and won't swallow pills, so your liquid multi is the perfect solution. She loves the taste.
I loved my IV. The day after receiving it I worked out and felt like I could have run a marathon, my energy was through the roof.
Frank E.
I love GlowFactors Advanced Multiple!! I take mine every morning instead of a handful of pills. It tastes great. I thought I would mix it in with my morning smoothie but because of the great taste I take it on it's own.
Lisa E.


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