Glow nutrient infusions


Perform your best

Our Glow Athlete infusion is the fastest way to rehydrate, rebuild and repair. More beneficial than any sports drink and without the added sugar and harmful additives. Perfect for professional and amateur athletes as part of a pre event boost and post event recovery plan. Contains electrolytes, all your B vitamins, amino acids including Taurine for and instant energy boost and also helping with muscle function and recovery. We  follow the infusion with a mega Glutathione push.


  • Rehydrate with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals
  • Improves performance and stamina
  • Promotes muscle repair
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Reduces muscle soreness

What's Inside?

Amino Acids
B 12


Do you have questions? We have answers.

Can the athlete infusion help with my training?

The electrolytes and nutrients in our Athlete infusion help both serious athletes and anyone pushing themselves during sports or workout sessions. From rehydrating and refueling between training sessions to decreasing recovery time, soreness, and fatigue after a work out.

Why is adequate hydration important?

Dehydration may lead to fatigue and lowered athletic performance. The fluid and electrolytes in our athletic infusion can rehydrate the body more quickly and efficiently than oral rehydration solutions. Dehydration decreases blood volume and reduces blood flow to the muscles, causing cramps. Replacing fluids through an IV before a competition can reduce the chances of getting muscle cramps and spasms. In addition, IV fluids help flush out lactic acid that is produced in the muscles and causes discomfort and soreness after exercising.

How should I feel after my vitamin infusion?

You'll start to feel the positive effects right away as the IV fluids replenish hydration and nutrients. Most people leave feeling energized and refreshed and enjoy these benefits for some time after treatment.

Is IV nutrient therapy safe?

IV nutrient therapy is a safe treatment with a low risk of complications. The most common side effects include bruising, redness, and itching at the injection site. To ensure the safety of your treatment, all the IV formulas at Glow Wellness are administered by highly trained medical professionals with extensive experience in providing IV therapy in hospitals and clinics. Our doctors will always review your medical history prior to your infusion, ensuring your safety and to make sure you receive the most suitable treatment.