Vitamin Infusions

LeeJoy Ellis
Nutrient Infusions

An important consideration for your health and vitality

The supplement business is growing yearly as Americans look for solutions to fatigue, stress, gut issues, weight gain and insomnia.  They recognize that supplements have become necessary to maintain a healthy body as poor diet, nutrient-depleting lifestyle factors and poor gut health have left us deficient in many essential nutrients.  

According to the US Department of Agriculture, more than 80% of women and 70% of men consume less than two-thirds the recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for one or more essential vitamins and minerals, leaving them vulnerable to poor health and disease.

People look to supplements to fill the gaps left by poor dietary and lifestyle habits but not all supplements are created equal.  When it comes to supplements absorption and bioavailability are key.  The supplement must get through the gut wall, and make its way to the liver before finally getting to the cells where it can produce beneficial effects. Therefore, for a supplement to be helpful, it must get to where it is required in the body, and be present in a concentration that will be effective. This is where vitamin infusions excel.

How do vitamin infusions work?

To answer this question, let’s first follow what happens when a vitamin is taken orally and how this compares to IV delivery. 

When taking a supplement orally, it must first be broken down in the gut without altering it chemically or reducing its effectiveness.  Then it must be absorbed and carried to the liver where it is metabolized.  After leaving the liver, the metabolic products enter the blood stream and are carried to the cells.  Certainly, a long journey that requires a healthy digestive system for those nutrients to be delivered to their target cells.

By contrast, a more effective way to deliver the beneficial and restorative nutrients directly to your cells where they are needed is via VITAMIN INFUSiONS.  With a vitamin infusion the vitamins are delivered via a cannula or needle into the bloodstream bypassing the gut.  A “direct deposit” of all essential nutrients to your cells for rapid health improvements.  

Only when your cells have the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants they need, can function optimally.  IV nutrient therapy offers the most potent and effective way to get these essential nutrients to the cells quickly and in concentrations needed for rapid results.  

Top benefits of Vitamin Infusions

  • The most effective method of getting nutrients to your cells
  • Rapid health improvements
  • Therapeutic doses of essential nutrients can be given in a single infusion
  • Quick hydration
  • Less reliance on poorly absorbed pills and capsules
  • Lasting health benefits
  • Safe and effective

Is Vitamin infusion therapy safe for you?

IV nutrient therapy has a long safety record in the US due largely to the fact that the nutrients used are naturally occurring and have a low potential for hypersensitivity.

Before starting any supplement regime, you should know what nutrient deficiencies you have so that you can be more strategic in correcting those deficiencies.  You are unique and have unique nutrient needs - don’t waste money on unnecessary supplements. Rather, consider testing to understand your specific nutrient needs and then addressing those needs with a customized vitamin infusion.  IV nutrient therapy rapidly restores nutrient balance, promoting mental and physical well-being.  Between vitamin infusions, liquid supplements are a convenient way to get maximum nutrient absorption and maintain a healthy nutritional status.

What to expect in a vitamin therapy session

Essential nutrients, compounded by a pharmacy, are mixed in an IV bag and gently dripped through an IV line into your bloodstream.  Most infusions take 60 min, depending on your specific infusion.  Once the infusions are up and running, you can relax and unwind in a comfy chair with a heating pad or blanket.  The vitamin infusion’s restorative and revitalizing effects can be felt almost immediately.

Different types of vitamin infusions

  • Athletic infusion that helps boost performance and promote muscle recovery
  • Beauty infusion that helps build strong healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Detox infusion helps the liver with the detoxification process
  • Glutathione one of the most important antioxidants for health and vitality
  • Hangover helper
  • Slim infusion that helps with your weight loss efforts
  • Super Antioxidant that helps with inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Super Immune boost that helps boost and support your immune system
  • High dose vitamin C that has the potential to fight cancer

Wrapping up

Every sickness, every disease, and every ailment can be traced back to a nutrient deficiency.  Ensuring your cells get those essential nutrients is the true focus for health and vitality.  The “one size fits all” supplement strategy is not delivering the rapid health improvements people want.  Instead, determining an individual’s specific nutrient needs and delivering those nutrients directly to their cells, where they are needed, in the quantity needed, by IV infusion will help people feel better faster, improving the quality of their lives.  After all, what benefit is a supplement, if it does not work?

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