Mike Furci, CNP

owner & president

Helping educate and motivate

Mike has always been interested in helping others and this is evident when looking at his career that began as a personal coach while attaining his Bachelor of Science in Health Education from Bowling Green State University.  As Mike’s success as a personal trainer grew he opened up his own fitness center, Club Olympia in Westlake, Ohio, which was named “Best Gym in Cleveland.  Mike was also named “Best Trainer in Cleveland” multiple times and his clients ranged from professional and college athletes to those who were looking to lose weight and get in shape.

Mike served the city of Lorain as a firefighter/ paramedic for 20 years before graduating as a family nurse practitioner. Several of his relatives were firefighters, including his father, who was a decorated hero.

"I love being able to provide our clients with the tools to be the healthiest version of themself and succeed at preventing disease."
~LeeJoy Ellis, ND

Over the years, Mike has witnessed the failures in the current medical paradigm of disease management.  Instead, his philosophy is to uncover root cause and to partner with each client to educate and motivate them towards reaching their health and wellness goals.  Uncovering dysfunction and correcting it before it becomes chronic disease. Mike refers to himself as both practitioner and coach helping his clients take an active role in improving and preserving their health.

Before joining Glow Wellness, Mike worked at the Tenpenny Integrative Medial Center, guiding individuals to become the best, healthiest versions of themselves.

Mike brings a deep knowledge base around integrative, regenerative and anti-aging medicine.  With him onboard, Glow Wellness is excited to grow their Younger For Longer programs that promote a high quality, high functioning life for as long as possible. In addition, as a family nurse practitioner, Mike will expand Glow’s services to include whole family wellness.

Glow Wellness is honored to have Mike as part of our team.

"I am on a quest to help myself and others live a more harmonic, healthy and beautiful life.
~Mike Furci, CNP