Integrative Concierge Medicine

There was a time when medicine was about the trust and relationship between the medical practitioner and patient as they worked together for the best health outcomes.  

 Mike Furci, CNP believes in bringing that special connection that once existed, back to you.  A partnership that is based on mutual trust.

Mike wants to continue focusing on what matters most … you.  By offering a concierge medical plan, he is able to give you the time and attention you deserve.  More than excellent medical care; a level of personal care, trust and compassion that is unfortunately missing from todays medical environment.

Our plan?

Comprehensive physical exam and lab tests
Review of lab results and your personalized wellness roadmap
Unlimited office visits throughout the year. Visits can take place in-person, via telemedicine, or by phone
Priority access - in person, phone, email
Same/next day appointments
Extended, unhurried visits
Coordinate the care you may need from other local specialist
A strong focus on prevention
Support and guidance to meet your health goals
 10% discount on IV therapies and all supplements sold in-office

What is priority access?

Mike’s goal is to be your partner on your journey to optimum health and this means keeping in touch. Unlimited messaging for quick questions, support, or recommendations are available for all Concierge members. However, if a message is considered too complicated to address through email, Mike may ask you to schedule a brief phone call to discuss. He will try to return all messages within 24 hours.  Keep in mind the clinic is not open evenings (see hours of operation), Wednesdays, or Sundays, and some holidays.

Annual cost of the concierge medicine plan

The cost for the annual Concierge medicine plan is $1179.  You cannot beat the price for the level of in-depth health and wellness care for individuals interested in personalized medicine.

What can I expect from this plan?

Your initial consult is an hour long and consists of a detailed collection of your medical history and physical exam.  Mike may order blood test to get more detail around your:

Nutritional status
Ability to methylate
Gut health
Inflammatory and cardiovascular risk factors
Hormone, thyroid and adrenal status
Toxic load

You will receive a personalized wellness action plan that will be reviewed and modified every year based on changes and improvements to your health.  Mike knows how to manage your evolving health conditions with proactive and preventative health measures.

Can I transfer my membership or share it with a family member or friend?

This is your plan. We do not allow members to share, or transfer membership services, including unused visits, to anyone else.

What's not included?

1. Cost of laboratory testing.  Mike may order labs depending on your specific needs, but GLOW does not charge for laboratory testing.  Some basic labs can be billed through one’s insurance when appropriate.
2. Medical or non-medical services recommended by GLOW but provided by another facility.
3.  Products recommended by GLOW, but not available through GLOW.

 We are asking you to make an investment in one of the most important aspects of your life - your HEALTH.  Many of the most common, most deadly  diseases afflicting American are largely preventable.  With Mike’s medical knowledge, guidance and support you don’t have to be one of those statistics.