GLOW Beauty Bag



Beautiful skin and hair starts from within - by ensuring you have the necessary nutrients to build strong, healthy skin and hair.  It is important to understand the connection between your nutritional status and the health of your skin and hair.  Your skin is your largest organ and provides visual clues to your overall health.  No serum or cream can substitute for the essential vitamins and minerals your cells need.  The healthier your cells are, the healthier you look. Get the ultimate beauty boost with our Beauty infusion. The perfect blend of hydration, glutathione that brightens and lightens the skin, biotin, all the B vitamins, amino acids and high dose vitamin C.  High vitamin C levels are required to help with collagen formation and these levels of vitamin C can only be achieved with IV administration, not with oral intake.

It's your time to GLOW.

Visible glowing, hydrated skin
Strong hair and nails

What's Inside?

Vitamin C
B Complex

All Glow Wellness infusions are physician formulated with the highest quality nutrients that deliver therapeutic concentrations of  essential nutrients directly to your cells, where they are needed. The nutrients in Glow infusions are natural to the body and are required by the cells to function and sustain health.