GLOW High Dose Vitamin C

High Dose Vitamin C

High Dose Vitamin C

High dose vitamin C has great potential to fight cancer and it is accessible and safe.  At low concentrations Vitamin C ( ascorbic acid) functions primarily as an antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative stress.  At higher concentrations,  ascorbic acid acts a a pro-oxidant that imposes oxidative stress and induces cell death of cancer cells.  In order to achieve the high concentrations required to kill cancer cells, Ascorbic acid has to be given intravenously. There are multiple reports and studies indicating the anticancer potential of vitamin C in humans.

Did you know that over 40% of cancer patients actually die from malnutrition, not from cancer.  A well nourished cancer patient can protect healthy cells against the toxic effects of chemo and radiation and can better manage and beat the disease.  In addition to High dose Vit C infusions we recommend periodic nutrient infusions too.

Ways to improve your success with high dose vitamin C therapy:
Prior to high dose Vitamin C  infusion, increase blood oxygen to support the conversion of ascorbic acid to DHA, an oxidized form of Vitamin C that can enter tumor cells.  We recommend IV ozone to increase blood oxygen levels
Avoid sugar
Avoid caffein
Avoid antioxidants
Consider EDTA chelation to chelate iron prior to IVC. For additional information, check out this article found on that suggests extracellular ion diminishes anti-cancer effects of high dose vitamin C

In general, high dose vitamin C infusions are administered two to three times per week. A G6PD blood test is required prior to starting treatments.

What's Inside?

Vitamin C

All Glow Wellness infusions are physician formulated with the highest quality nutrients that deliver therapeutic concentrations of  essential nutrients directly to your cells, where they are needed. The nutrients in Glow infusions are natural to the body and are required by the cells to function and sustain health.