GLOW Vitality Infusion



Peak health occurs at the cellular level and health happens when, and only when, all of the nutrients your cells needs are present in their optimal amounts. Nutrients are the specific substances, the raw materials your cells need in order to survive and do their jobs properly.

Our Vitality infusion is the perfect restorative infusion packed with all the vitamins and minerals your cells need to function properly.  This infusion helps to alleviate chronic symptoms like inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue and stress. Our Glow Vitality infusion puts you one step closer to vibrant health. Let's Glow.

Immune support
Replenish and improve nutritional status
Hydrates cells for improved function
Improves detoxification
Improves energy and focus - energy that lasts for days not merely hours
Improves mood
Improves sleep
Reduces anxiousness

What's Inside?

Vitamin C
B Vitamins
Alpha Lipoic Acid

All Glow Wellness infusions are physician formulated with the highest quality nutrients that deliver therapeutic concentrations of  essential nutrients directly to your cells, where they are needed. The nutrients in Glow infusions are natural to the body and are required by the cells to function and sustain health.