Tesla Biohealing Bed

Experience the new wave of medicine and technology - Proven to recharge and jumpstart cellular self repair at Glow Wellness

Tesla showed us how to harness scalar or life force energy to create powerful healing solutions. The Tesla biohealing generators have the ability to generate an amplified field of restorative life force energy - providing a powerful and natural therapeutic solution to jumpstart cellular self-repair.   The Biohealing Generators are FDA Registered OTC Medical Devices that are natural, safe and effective


Subtle energy released to promote natural healing and cellular repair
Increases overall energy by increasing cellular ATP levels
Reduces fatigue and increases vitality
Cleanses the blood and promotes blood circulation
Speeds up nutritional intake and detoxification
Reduces inflammation throughout the body
Strengthens immune system by as much a 149%
Improves mental focus and clarity
Helps regulate blood pressure
Helps calm emotions and nerves acting as a natural antidepressant
Improves sleep quality


One of the most important mechanisms of Tesla Waves si their ability to increase the energy potential os any cell in the body.  Cancer cells almost always are low energy cells (15millivots).

Tesla waves can bring the energy levels of affected cancer cells up to the optimum level of 70 millivolts.  This increased energy potential is believed to both prevent the spread of cancer cells and help in the healing of cancer.

How long are treatment sessions?

Depending on one’s condition, treatment sessions range from 30 min to and hour. The Tesla BioHealing Generators are placed under our treatment table to create a Tesla BioHealing MedBed.  You will lie on the MedBed within the life force energy field.  Your cells will be able to take up this healing force naturally.

How often should I have a treatment session?

Again it depends on the condition.  The more you are exposed to the healing life-force energy of the Tesla BioSphere the better. We recommend doing consecutive sessions 4-5 per week.

The Telsa Biohealing generators are FDA registered Class ll Medical device aimed at treating pain and inflammation in patients with serious illness such as stroke-paralysis, Dementia, Alzheimers, Cancer, Diabetes, Neuropathy and more. Biohealers are eligible for FSA benefits.

Where conventional medicine fails -
TESLA BIOHEALING has prevailed in providing non-invasive relief for those in need.

Helps treat serious illness such as:

Stroke Paralysis

Exposure to Tesla Energy has helped patients rapidly improve motor control and function in previously paralyzed limbs


Patients experience notable increase in mental clarity, cognitive function, and general optimism after Tesla sessions


normalized blood glucose readings were noted in as little as 2 hours of use

Chronic Pain

Many have reported our products to have drastically reduced pain and improved sleep quality


Those exposed to Tesla Waves have experienced increased energy levels and have dramatically improved their overall quality of life